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OG Edgerton Training Director- Rolando Salvador

Rolando Salvador has over 30 years’ experience coaching handlers and training and working dogs of all breeds. His real-world experiences include participation in numerous Northern Illinois Police Alarm System field force drills involving K9 units. He has attended and provided support to local police K9 teams at the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) as they go complete their annual national certifications. He has participated in numerous police S.W.A.T. drills with Police K9 teams.  In the realm of dog sport he brings to the table a maintained helper certification with the United Schutzhund Club of America. He is also the Training Director of our sister club Dragonstone Working Doberman Club.  Under his training program many IGP dog handler teams have had successful showings at regional and national level USCA and AWDF events. On an International level under his training program UDC team Simone Jeans and Chalmar’s Ockham’s Razor “Kuno” placed 6th at the IDC Weltmeisterschaft in Hungary in 2019.


Successful Teams

Rolando Salvador and Mona


IDC Weltmeisterschaft, World Doberman Championship 2019 6th. place -Simone Jeans and Kuno (DOB) 

USCA WDC IPO 2 Champion 2018 - Pat Valente and Viv (GSD)

UDC IPO Fall Classic Champion 2018 – Simone Jeans and Kuno (DOB)

USCA North Central Regional 2018-  3rd. Place- Simone Jeans (DOB

USCA National IPO I Champion 2016- Larry Caruso and Rambo (GSD)

USCA- Working Dog Championship 2016- Highest Scoring First Time Handler Team


Pat Valente and Vin with Rolando Salvador 2018, Grove City WDC Championship


Simone Jeans and Kuno with Rolando Salvador, IDC Weltmeisterschaft, HUngary 2019.


Ryan Pomrenke and Odin (IGP3) with the OGE squad  and Judge Al Govednik, OGE Fall Trial 2019. 

Other successful club member titles (OGE/DWDC) 2019

IGP1      6
IGP2      3* Special mention
IGP3      2
BHVT    8
FH1       2

*IGP 3 Dogo Argentino (Currently the only one in the US- Team Ryan Pomrenke and Odin )

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